Welcome to the website of the district town of Saarlouis. Founded by Louis XIV and built according to plans drawn up by Vauban, the fortified town of Saarlouis today is a successful symbiosis of tradition and modernity, technology and innovation.


Historical sights and preserved urban structures from the fortification period lend the town its French flair and an ambience that is the envy of our neighbours near and far. As a dynamic business location, Saarlouis can boast a healthy mix of large-scale, medium-sized and small industrial and commercial enterprises as well as skilled crafts businesses. Companies of world renown such as Ford, Ludwig-Schokolade and DSD are located here. At the same time, Saarlouis is also a service, educational and administrative centre with a long tradition.


But Saarlouis owes its status as "the secret capital of the Saarland" primarily to the town's supraregional importance as an attractive shopping centre. A highly diversified offering in chic boutiques and renowned specialised retail outlets and department stores such as Pieper, Peek & Cloppenburg and C & A, together with branches of Ikea, Media Markt and Globus which draw shoppers from across the state borders, justify and reinforce this reputation. The wide variety of some 300 restaurants and eateries catering to all tastes also plays a role in this. Especially popular with locals and visitors alike are the Old Town and the "longest bar in the Saarland" in the historical casemates. Saarlouis is not only a worthwhile destination for tourists, business travellers and shoppers. It also has plenty to offer its inhabitants. For example, convenient and high-quality housing close to the town centre and in all surrounding areas, sports activities in nearly 50 disciplines and a corresponding cultural offering spearheaded by two museums. Attractive recreation areas in and around the town and joyous festivals all year round, including crowd pullers such as the "Saarlouiser Emmes“ and the "Altstadtfest“, complete the picture.


For inhabitants and visitors alike, the name Saarlouis is associated with a positive attitude to life. So why not take this opportunity to find out what it's like for yourself. Just surf our website and discover some of the amenities and assets our attractive and delightful town has to offer. Enjoy!


Peter Demmer

Mayor of the district town of Saarlouis